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Re: how to get nodev for zfs?

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> I'm contemplating using zfs over NFS for domU package builders, and I'm
> basically allergic to NFS for security reasons but it should be
> confined.
> So I'm trying to reduce exposure, and have set setuid=off on
> zfs filesystems.  That successfully prevented a suid binary from working.
> The other usual thing is "nodev", and zfs has a devices property on or
> off.  So I went to set it to off and got an error that FreeBSD doesn't
> support that.
> I made a device node (just with mknod) for wd0d and I was able to dd
> from it.
> Is there any good approach to avoiding this?   Why doesn't devices=off
> just lead to the nodev mount option and work, similar to setuid=off
> leads to nosuid?

Not speaking for the total bug, but part of it exists in:


where there is a specific check to disallow the setting of the devices
property and has the FreeBSD text.  It would be a start to allow the
property to be set.  Once that is possible a "zfs set devices=off
<pool>" should work (or panic??).  Then the fileset may need to be
umounted and remounted on NetBSD (zfs umount / zfs mount sort of thing).
The second problem is that the mount may not pick up the property.  That
would be looking for zfs_mount(), zmount(), zfs_domount() and that ilk
(probably zfs_main() in the zfs command itself too).  I took a very
brief look and did not see anything that would exclude the devices
property, but did not have a great deal of time to sift though the code.
There may be a translation missing somewhere too.

Brad Spencer - - KC8VKS -

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