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Re: xhci driver crashes FreeBSD bhyve hypervisor

In article <>,
Darrin B. Jewell <> wrote:
>As I recently reported in this forum, I have obtained a FreeBSD based
>NAS system from
>This system provides the bhyve hypervisor for running virtual
>machines and I recently attempted to boot NetBSD 9.1 on it.
>Unfortunately, the xhci driver appears to crash the hypervisor.
> pid 6925 (bhyve), jid 0, uid 0: exited on signal 11
>I've included the virtual netbsd system console below
>when I booted the NetBSD-9.1-amd64.iso cdrom image from the
>default distribution.
>Recompiling and removing the xhci driver avoids this crash
>and allows NetBSD to function in this environment.
>I'll report here any further details if I get the time to
>debug this crash.

A segv on the hypervisor is the hypervisor's fault. I would report it to them.


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