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re: Panic in usbd_create_xfer

Yorick Hardy writes:
> Dear current-users,
> Happy new year!

happy new year yorick! and everyone.

> [   659.839003] usbd_create_xfer() at netbsd:usbd_create_xfer+0x186
> [   659.849001] usbd_open_pipe_intr() at netbsd:usbd_open_pipe_intr+0x74
> [   659.849001] uhidev_open() at netbsd:uhidev_open+0x21c

can you find out what lines in the source these are? 
espcially usbd_create_xfer+0x186, the other ones are
most likely obvious only the single callers - eg,
usbd_open_pipe_intr() calls usbd_create_xfer() once.



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