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build success / xsrc

after 27 hours of compiling (I call it bindge eating) I get after
'install=/' a full working system with the newest X-src! Was 3 times
at an free discspace of 0 and I had to delete the whole pkgsrc-tree
for writing down to ssd but no abort.

the problem with the 'sysctl -w security.pax.mprotect.enabled=0'
remains but I know thx to maya how to solve it. The patch has been
already given into the sources as well as in the pkgsrc xorg-modular.

The postinstall check/fix command had to be done manually here as well
as rm'ing the output after install and I avoid the etcupdate-command.

probs at startup: no dhcpcd although giving gateway and the 'dhcpcd
-qM iwn0' at /etc/rc.conf and this strange virecorver that gives me
'mail_queue_enter: maildrop/10091.577 no such file or directory and
the amd automounter doesn't as well.

X -version:

/usr/X11R7/lib/ text relocations
/usr/X11R7/lib/ text relocations

X.Org X Server 1.20.6
X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0
Build Operating System: NetBSD/i386 9.99.74 - The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.
Current Operating System: NetBSD netBSD 9.99.74 NetBSD 9.99.74
(LIZBETH-$Revision: 1.1233 $) #2: Tue Oct 27 21:12:39 CET 2020
root@localhost:/usr/obj/sys/arch/i386/compile/MIRANDA i386
Build Date: 23 February 2020  07:11:23AM

Gotta do the src-build now! Cross fingers for success!


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