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build-success/install-fault on i486 with xsrc

as driving to current the dell vostro 14 compiled 22 hours on the userland and 
28 hours on the xsrc: no build-failure with the kernel, too. 

installed it with ./ -u -U install=/ I get a fine install but on 
postinstall it tells me /usr/src/sbin/postinstall/postinstall is not 
available. I checked and fixed it manually with the new build postinstall; so 
no comment. 

after reboot with the new kernel I have problems with the X-driver; 
Doing an X -configure brings me: text relocations
libGL.so3 cannot write enable text sements: permission deniend

same with xinit and startx (exec xfce4-session in .xinitrc)

it's llvm10; I 'chmod 777 /dev/dri/card*' and rebuild xorg-server-libs; no 
success. do I need compiler FLAGS for the xsrc with the postinstall-problem, 
too? does compiling with CLANG help?


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