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Re: Is anyone using the wg(4) driver with a commerical VPN service??

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <> writes:

> Brad Spencer <> writes:
>> Just wondering if anyone has succeeded in getting the wg(4) network
>> driver working with one of the commercial VPN providers?  I attempted it
>> with one in particular, with an admitted slightly older -current and did
>> not succeed in getting it working.
> Haven't tried that, no - but I suspect you've configured something
> wrong, as I know that our wg works reliably with the WireGuard(tm)
> implementations in Linux and Android.  (Well, either that, or you hit
> one of the short windows of -current when something was wrong.)
> -tih

Thanks for the infomation.  The VPN service I am trying this with uses a
REST style API call to get the needed bits of information in order for
you to configure your side of the wg VPN.  That API call partis working
fine.  It is completely possible that I messed something up on the local
wg side.  The system I am trying this on is a Xen amd64 PV DOMU from
around September 1st or so.  I had to compile a DOMU kernel with the wg
pseudo device, but didn't really add anything else.

I will try a newer tree and keep messing around.

Brad Spencer - - KC8VKS -

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