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Re: Automated report: NetBSD-current/i386 test failure (l2tp)

On 23/10/2020 08:25, Andreas Gustafsson wrote:
Roy Marples wrote:
This is rump crashing and I don't know why.

If the rump kernel crashes in the test, that likely means the real
kernel will crash in actual use.

I can't get a backtrace to tell me where the problem is.

I managed to get one this way:

   sysctl -w kern.defcorename="/tmp/%n.core"
   cd /usr/tests/net/if_l2tp
   ./t_l2tp l2tp_basic_ipv4overipv4
   gdb rump_server /tmp/rump_server.core

It looks like this:

Thanks for that, it should now be fixed.


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