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Re: Build failure for ``no options PTRACE''

Kamil wrote:

This, I propose to do the following:

1. Remove the modularization of ptrace. This does not affect the compat
layers that still can and should be in my opinion modular.

2. Either abandon 'no PTRACE' or make it complete ifdefing all the
ptrace-related code from the kernel core.

I'm not commenting on usefulness of having a PTRACE module;  I'll
leave that discussion to others.

However, you cannot implement #2 without also implementing #1.  You
cannot simply ifdef-out the calls to the ptrace code if it is still
possible to load ptrace as a module.

3. If we have security related concerns, add

Of course, the sysctl would/should only exist if the kernel includes
``options PTRACE''

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