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9.99.73 NFS file corruption


As wiz@ and reinoud@ already mentionned¹, I also experience frequent
corruption with sqlite3 databases over NFS. There is no concurrent
access to the database (single NFS client).

For some databases (especially those in the firefox profile, but not
only), inserting a row in some tables (not all) from a NFS client does
not update the file on the server. However, on the client, the change
is still visible for some time. Also, a 'vacuum' command leads to
'database is corrupted' on both the client and the server.
But I could not reproduce this on a fresh new database yet.

So, pure speculation, this makes me think of a cache flushing issue?

This is since NetBSD 9.99.73 / Oct 10, but my previous working kernel
was only NetBSD 9.99.65 / Jun 9, so probably a bit too old to narrown
down to the faulty commit.


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