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Re: file system corruption

On Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at 11:19:16PM +0200, Thomas Klausner wrote:
> Hi!
> I've recently updated from 9.99.73 from Sep 17 to one of Oct 5.
> I've had serious file system corruption. Mostly in mercurial and
> sqlite3 databases, but also in normal files.

what platform is this on?

> Some of the file systems where this happened are NFS-served from Linux,
> but I also saw it on a local FFSv2.

I would ask what the fs block size is, but with NFS there isn't
any fs block size involved, so I doubt it matters for the
local file systems either.

> 2c2
> <      $NetBSD: uvm_amap.c,v 1.123 2020/08/18 10:40:20 chs Exp $
> ---
> >      $NetBSD: uvm_amap.c,v 1.125 2020/09/21 18:41:59 chs Exp $
> 11c11
> <      $NetBSD: uvm_io.c,v 1.28 2016/05/25 17:43:58 christos Exp $
> ---
> >      $NetBSD: uvm_io.c,v 1.29 2020/09/21 18:41:59 chs Exp $

the above changes go togther, and they were long enough ago that
if they were the cause of the corruption then it seems likely
that someone else would have reported it before you.
also, these changes are about process address space manipulation
and not file systems, so if this were the problem then you would
be getting non-file-system symptoms too.

> 5c5
> <      $NetBSD: uvm_bio.c,v 1.121 2020/07/09 09:24:32 rin Exp $
> ---
> >      $NetBSD: uvm_bio.c,v 1.122 2020/10/05 04:48:23 rin Exp $

this change is somewhat more recent and specifically about
file systems, so this seems more likely.

could you try testing with each of the above sets of changes separately
backed out, to see if you can narrow it down to one change?
if the problem is not due to either of those sets of changes
then your best bet is to bisect to find the change that introduced
the problem.

I tried to check the automated test results to see if those are showing
any problems that look related, but that web server is down right now.

> Anyone else having problems?
> Any ideas?
>  Thomas


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