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Re: cannot allocate memory running mame

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

>> > /*
>> >  * Virtual memory related constants, all in bytes
>> >  */
>> > #define MAXTSIZ         (256*1024*1024)         /* max text size */
>> AFAICT for amd64 the limit is arbitrary, if you only need it temporarily for
>> debugging purposes, just bump it to 512 MB (or bigger) and rebuild your kernel.
> Thanks for the analysis.
> Actually, that is the size of mame stripped, so yes, I need this bigger :)
> Should we bump it in general?

While 256M of text seems big, I find it really surprising to have a
compiled limit that low.

For me, the biggest installed program is mongod at 32M, in terms of text
as reported by size(1).

So I would support bumpming that to 512M for sure, maybe 1G.

It also seems like this belongs in ulimit, as something a sysadmin would
reasonably want to set along with data size limits.

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