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Re: Automated report: NetBSD-current/i386 test failure

On 13/09/2020 23:10, Robert Elz wrote:
     Date:        Sun, 13 Sep 2020 22:14:00 +0100
     From:        Roy Marples <>
     Message-ID:  <>

   | >    | >      net/arp/t_arp:arp_proxy_arp_pub
   | >    | >      net/arp/t_arp:arp_proxy_arp_pubproxy
   | >
   | > Those two are still failing.
   | Works fine on my box.
   | Can you say how they are failing?


The test case just needed fixing.
Basically the issue was that the test kernel was slow but the test cases were fast.
The ping to an invalid address caused the ARP entry to enter INCOMPLETE -> WAITDELETE state and this hung over into the next test casing this entry to take too long to validty resolve.

The solution is after a deliberate fail to remove the ARP entry for the address and ignore the exit code if the entry has naturally expired / been removed.

This fixes all the test case fallout from the ARP -> ND merge and has now survived several test runs.

The ND cache expiration test which intermittently fails is based on exact timings. A future patch will add jitter to NS, will cause this test to fail more.
Ideas on how to solve it welcome.


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