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Issues with iwn0 on HEAD from Aug 5

Hi everyone,

Mainly reporting an issue here but, if you have any ideas they are welcome.

Arch: amd64

$ sysctl hw.machine_arch hw.model hw.ncpu hw.usermem64
hw.machine_arch = x86_64
hw.model = Intel 686-class
hw.ncpu = 4
hw.usermem64 = 8448819200

$ pcictl pci0 list                                    
000:00:0: Intel Core 4G (mobile) Host Bridge, DRAM (host bridge, revision 0x0b)
000:02:0: Intel HD Graphics (GT2) (VGA display, revision 0x0b)
000:03:0: Intel Core 4G (mobile) Mini HD audio (mixed mode multimedia, revision 0x0b)
000:20:0: Intel Core 4G (mobile) USB xHCI (USB serial bus, xHCI, revision 0x04)
000:22:0: Intel Core 4G (mobile) MEI (miscellaneous communications, revision 0x04)
000:25:0: Intel I218-LM Ethernet Connection (ethernet network, revision 0x04)
000:27:0: Intel Core 4G (mobile) HD Audio (mixed mode multimedia, revision 0x04)
000:28:0: Intel Core 4G (mobile) PCIe (PCI bridge, revision 0xe4)
000:28:3: Intel Core 4G (mobile) PCIe (PCI bridge, revision 0xe4)
000:28:5: Intel Core 4G (mobile) PCIe (PCI bridge, revision 0xe4)
000:29:0: Intel Core 4G (mobile) USB EHCI (USB serial bus, EHCI, revision 0x04)
000:31:0: Intel Core 4G (mobile) LPC (ISA bridge, revision 0x04)
000:31:2: Intel Core 4G (mobile) SATA Controller (AHCI) (SATA mass storage, AHCI 1.0, revision 0x04)
000:31:3: Intel Core 4G (mobile) SMBus (SMBus serial bus, revision 0x04)
002:00:0: Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 WiFi (miscellaneous network, revision 0x34)
003:00:0: Realtek Semiconductor RTS5227 PCI-E Card Reader (undefined, subclass 0x00, revision 0x01)





Now to the issue,
I've been running NetBSD-9 since the RC1 release and was until yesterday running 9.0_STABLE.
Never had any issues with wifi.

I shall admit that I frankensteined the system a bit and for the last weeks have been running the 9 base
with the 9.99.69 kernel and modules. Also on this freak system, no issues with wifi.

As I need to have current packages, I've been using the 9.0_current repo for binary packages. But,
since J.Perking is now building current packages for HEAD, I've decided to give it a shot yesterday.
All went well setting it all up and my laptop is running.
All except for my wifi, it constantly connects and disconnects, I can't even ping to check speeds
after restarting wpa_supplicant. I have no issues with other machines connecting.
I'm writing this from a Linux box and downloading 9.0_STABLE again as the machine in its current state
is useless, I need wifi connection.
Just before I wipe it all clean, I thought I'd ask cause I know the 9.99.69 kernel had no issues on the
9 base, all configs are the same, so I wonder...


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