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i386 and amd64 testbeds now use NVMM

Hi all,

The TNF testbed is now using NVMM for the i386 and amd64 tests:

This reduces the time it takes to run the test suite from more than
20 hours to about 3-4 hours.  Many thanks to Maxime Villard for making
this possible by writing NVMM.

The switch to NVMM was made yesterday, but since the testbed may test
source versions out of order, there is not necessarily an unambiguous
transition point in terms of -current source dates.  To determine
whether a given test run was made using NVMM or not, look for "-accel
nvmm" in the qemu command line in the console log.

Some test cases that were previously failing are now passing and vice
versa.  For example, kernel/t_trapsignal:fpe_* now pass, but
lib/libpthread/t_condwait:* now fail (these contain a work-around for
the qemu timing issues of PR 43997, but now fail to detect that they
are running under qemu).
Andreas Gustafsson,

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