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openjdk11 and tomcat

Can anyone run a listening webserver under openjdk11 (eg:
apache-tomcat, wildfly)?

Whenever I try it never seems to handle any connections, but
everything works under openjdk8.

Its easy to test with packages from pkgsrc:
Install openjdk8 openjdk11 apache-tomcat9

# env JRE_HOME=/usr/pkg/java/openjdk8 /etc/rc.d/tomcat onestart
# ftp -o - http://localhost:8080/
(happy output)

# /etc/rc.d/tomcat onestop

# env JRE_HOME=/usr/pkg/java/openjdk11 /etc/rc.d/tomcat onestart
# ftp -o - http://localhost:8080/
Trying ...
Requesting http://localhost:8080/
(some time passes)
ftp: Receiving HTTP reply: EOF received

This is amd64 under netbsd-9, and netbsd-9 binaries running under a
current kernel.



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