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Re: Automated report: NetBSD-current/i386 build failure

On 12/06/2020 16:13, NetBSD Test Fixture wrote:
This is an automatically generated notice of a NetBSD-current/i386
build failure.

The failure occurred on, a NetBSD/amd64 host,
using sources from CVS date 2020.

An extract from the output follows:

     --- dependall-libagr ---
     --- if_agrether_hash.d ---
     #    create  libagr/if_agrether_hash.d
     CC=/tmp/bracket/build/2020. /tmp/bracket/build/2020. -f if_agrether_hash.d.tmp  --   -std=gnu99   --sysroot=/tmp/bracket/build/2020. -DCOMPAT_50 -DCOMPAT_60 -DCOMPAT_70 -DCOMPAT_80 -DCOMPAT_90 -nostdinc -imacros /tmp/bracket/build/2020. -I/tmp/bracket/build/2020. -I. -I/tmp/bracket/build/2020. -I/tmp/bracket/build/2020. -I/tmp/bracket/build/2020. -I/tmp/bracket/build/2020. -I/tmp/bracket/build/2020. -DDIAGNOSTIC -
  DKTRACE -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2     /tmp/bracket/build/2020. &&  mv -f if_agrether_hash.d.tmp if_agrether_hash.d
     --- dependall-libnet ---
     /tmp/bracket/build/2020. fatal error: compat/netinet6/nd6.h: No such file or directory
      #include <compat/netinet6/nd6.h>

Fixed here:


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