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RAIDframe question

Here's my situation:

raid1:  a RAID-1 mirror consisting of (usually) /dev/wd0c and
/dev/wd1c, each 500G SSD.

I recently had to fail out one of the components because I had two
different kinds of disk which were performing at different transfer
rates, and the slow one was slowing down the volume:

raidctl -f /dev/wd0c

[power off the machine, install new disk, bring it back up]

raid1 now shows (as expected) "component0" and "/dev/wd1c" as components.

[partition wd0 with c = d = whole disk, type RAID]

raidctl -a /dev/wd0c raid1

raidctl -F component0 raid1

Within short order, the disklabel on raid1 vanishes. If I replace the
label I had before, the filesystem checks fail as though everything is

If I unconfigure/reconfigure raid1 with <absent> and /dev/wd1c,
everything becomes sane again.

If I unconfigure/reconfigure raid1 with /dev/wd0c and /dev/wd1c, it's
hosed again.

What am I doing wrong?


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