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Re: bad dir ino panic

    Date:        Sun, 7 Jun 2020 12:45:12 +0100
    From:        Patrick Welche <>
    Message-ID:  <20200607114512.GA3989@quantz>

  | /store/backup is a ffsv2+wapbl on cgd on raidframe that was just
  | filled up with a "dump -0auXf - /olddisk | restore rf -",

How was it mounted when that was done?    (I odten mount the dest
filesystem "-o async" (and definitely not -o log which is incompat)
when doing this kind of transfer, as without the filesystem consistency
promises, it is much much faster - and if anything goes wrong, a newfs
and start again is trivial to do.   But if that's done and you don't
properly umount and remount (without async) afterwards, weird filesystem
problems can occur (because of inconsistent data actually written to the

What did a "fsck -f" say about the filesystem afterwards?

  | Essentially, does that mean there was a problem with olddisk which was
  | faithfully recreated, or something to worry about?

Definitely not "faithfully recreated" - restore uses standard filesystem
calls (the same as any other normal application) to write the files it
is recovering (transferring in this usage) - and while dump (since it
reads from the raw device) could conceivably send something that made
no sense, all restore can do in that case is complain - it has no
mechanism to create faulty filesystem data.

What version system (and what update date if it is HEAD, or anything_STABLE)
was used for this?


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