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On Saturday 2020-06-06 01:16 +0100, output:
:On my system from the 4th of June I get unresolved libuv for host,
:nslookup, dig.
:# ldd /usr/bin/dig | grep uv
:        -luv.1 => not found
:Is this some local problem? Should I do a clean rebuild?

libuv was being installed for a couple of days for a BIND "named"
upgrade - however it is now only used internally for the build.
IIRC, libuv is too fast moving with API changes and is unnecessary
to keep around.

I believe Christos added them to the obsolete lists so the library
and links should be removed when you run "postinstall" obsolete.

DNS resolvers seem to be moving to lightweight "unbound".
DNS provider is available in src build with "MKNSD=yes" in your /etc/mk.conf
when building (or use pkgsrc).
Documentation for both is on:


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