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Re: How to load ffs module via boot.cfg?

On Mon, 1 Jun 2020, Jukka Ruohonen wrote:


$ modstat | grep builtin | wc -l

Nice!  Since you seem to have this nailed down already, do you have time to
update the off-the-shelf MODULAR config?  I'd also fancy a good development
kernel with which I can unload/patch/load/etc. as much code as is possible.

I've left the MODULAR kernel to Christos.  My local kernel is very
specific to my local set-up, and it has (almost) all of my devices
hardwired and includes no unneeded device drivers.

In addition, I have _no_ file-systems defined, only a few of the
"standard system options", and no unnecessary pseudo-devices.  I've
disabled all of the following (which are enabled in sys/conf/std on
all kernels):

	no options      EXEC_SCRIPT
	no options      EXEC_ELF64
	no options      COREDUMP
	no options      AIO
	no options      MQUEUE
	no options      SEMAPHORE
	no options      PTRACE

(Note that SEMAPHORE is actually an addition in my local tree (I have
resurrected the old ksem module!) so my local kernel has to exclude

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