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Re: lang/rust build fails

On Fri, May 15, 2020 at 06:27:41AM -0500, Robert Nestor wrote:
> Yes, and it appears to be different from what Chavdar has on his slightly earlier system.
> seed                      0 ???  estimate, collect, v


You do not have a hardware random number generator, and your setup did not
provide initial entropy.

There is an ongoing thread on some other list where this currently is
discussed with lots of technical details and irritation, but the short
story is:

 - Easiest fix for now is to provide a properly seeded /var/db/entropy-file
   (shutdown to single user, manually copy file over, reboot).
   You can create such a file on another machine (with working random
   number generator) via "rndctl -S $file".
   After that reboot, all should be fine and the next rust build will
   not block.

 - If this is a virtual machine, add viornd(4) to your kernel (and hope the
   hypervisor supports it)

There are variants of the first solution, like generating random bytes
by some other means and write them to /dev/random.


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