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Re: modload & xen and -current 9.99.60

A short summary from my private discussion with Manuel:

    - the tripping point in my setup was around 44096 Kb

    - type="pvh" works in large memory constellations

    - Thus is issue seems to exist primarily in DOMU kernels

So it is similar, but not the same. In my scenario modloads fail when
a certain amount or more of memory is available.

I switched to type=pvh new.


On 05/11/20 15:15, Stephen Borrill wrote:
On Fri, 8 May 2020, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

On Fri, May 08, 2020 at 02:55:10PM +0200, Frank Kardel wrote:
I checked to same kernel in an instance with memory=2048 and it just works.

Using todays kernel also works woth memory=2048.

Using memory=65536 for the xen instance gives a surprising familiar

TEST-A# modload bpfjit
[ 97.4727034] kobj_load, 444: [%M/bpfjit/bpfjit.kmod]: linker error: out of
modload: bpfjit: Cannot allocate memory

So it seems to be linked to available memory.

The more you have the less you get for modload.

It could be a variable overflow somewhere but I can't see how it relates to
64Gb. Does it work with 16Gb ?

This sounds similar to the problem I reported a couple of weeks ago with exactly 16GB:

Also could you try with a PVH or HVM guest ? These ones would use modules from /stand/amd64/ and not /stand/amd64-xen/ and should be close to native.

I don't have a box with that much RAM to test ...

Manuel Bouyer <>
    NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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