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Re: init's MAKEDEV vs. postinstall fix (old tty nodes)

On 2020-03-27 07:36, Thomas Klausner wrote:

With a tmpfs /dev init calls:

     "MAKEDEV -MM init"

(see sbin/init/init.c starting from line 1704)

which calls
        makedev all opty

of which opty does

        # Create 16 device nodes, [pt]typ0 to [pt]typf
                mkdev ttyp$j c 5 $jn 666
                mkdev ptyp$j c 6 $jn 666

On the other hand, "postinstall fix" does:

ptyfsoldnodes fix:
        Removed legacy device node /dev/ptyp0
        Removed legacy device node /dev/ttypf

So my question is: if "postinstall fix" removes these devices on an
upgrade, why does init still create them?

This looks inconsistent. Which of the two should be changed?

Maybe not change either.

Running 'postinstall check' on a system that isn't using ptyfs doesn't flag the legacy nodes as needing deleting. I don't use ptyfs, and haven't tried telling postinstall to
fix things other than those that 'postinstall check' recommends.

Does the tmpfs /dev have a ptyfs mounted below it at the time MAKEDEV is run ?

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