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Re: USB keyboard input overrun on EHCI?

	hello.  My recollection may be slightly wrong here since I'm still
running NetBSD-5 in most cases, but my understanding is that ehci(4)
connected devices are all USB-2.0 and  for slower devices, the uhci(4) or
ohci(4) hub drivers provide service.  Do these bar code scanners attach as
either USB-2 or USB-1, depending on what's available on the hardware or
are they USB-1.0 only devices?  On older NetBSD-5 systems, if there is an
ehci(4) device, but no matching uhci(4) or ohci(4) device, USB-1.0 attached
devices just don't work.  I don't know how we worked around that in
-current, but I wonder if we're trying to run USB-1.0 devices through
ehci(4) in some software emulated mode that's not working right?  How does
the scanner attach to the working hardware versus the broken hardware?


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