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NetBSD 9 gpt migrate


I just had fun with NetBSD 9 gpt migrate.

After creating some space at the end of an MBR partitioned disk I
invoked "gpt migrate wd0".
This shows error messages that the wedges cannot be created (errno 22 I believe).

After that, there is a PMBR and gpt refuses any work chanting:
wd0: bogus map current= gpt partition new=gpt partition (from memory)

Also primary and secondary gpt header seem to exist.

As the MBR is now a PMBR the MBR partition information is lost.
gpt is unusable due to the error messages above.

Recovering works by zeroing out both gpt headers and manually
creating the gpt labels.

Did I do something wrong or is "gpt migrate" broken?


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