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Re: Buffer cache mistake

On 21.02.2020 06:59, Taylor R Campbell wrote:
> This morning at 15:48 UTC, while aiming to add some dtrace probes to
> the buffer cache (normally a totally innocuous change so I wasn't
> paying very close attention), I committed a mistake that totally
> screwed it up -- causing bbusy to return a result indicating success
> even if it actually failed:
> This can kinda badly screw up file systems (primarily metadata but
> corruption in data too), so I recommend you update to the fix which I
> committed as soon as I noticed this evening at 02:04 UTC:
> Sorry!

There were 3 syzbot reports, are they now expected to be fixed with your

If so, I will mark them as resolved.

[  72.7759295] panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "ISSET(bp->b_cflags,
BC_BUSY)" failed: file
"/syzkaller/managers/netbsd-kmsan/kernel/sys/kern/vfs_bio.c", line 1606

[  71.6412860] panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "bqidx != -1" failed:
file "/syzkaller/managers/netbsd-kmsan/kernel/sys/kern/vfs_bio.c", line 397

[  76.3377427] panic: kernel diagnostic assertion
"!cv_has_waiters(&bp->b_done)" failed: file
"/syzkaller/managers/netbsd-kmsan/kernel/sys/kern/vfs_bio.c", line 1251

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