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Re: uvm/busy page deadlock in current (related to loading Raspberry Pi 3B+ Wi-Fi firmware, but more of a timing bug with the VM system)

eventually I realized that the aiodone_queue workqueue thread was
made redundant long ago... we no longer need this mechanism to hand off
any specific iodone processing to a worker thread because these days
all iodone processing is done in a (softint) worker thread.
I just commited a patch to remove this workqueue thread and associated code.


On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 05:03:39PM -0800, Rob Newberry wrote:
> Thanks very much, Chuck -- this patch fixed my problem.
> I noticed you removed a couple of KASSERTs -- shouldn't those be cases be EVEN MORE true now than they were before?  Given what I debugged, I'm wondering if the asserts would help make sure future code doesn't end up trying to do something similar in the future...
> Rob

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