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Saturnalia mysteries... (*)


This morning around 06:10 we must have had a power cut - I was fast
asleep. This rarely happens over here; the security systems sirens
started wailing, as usual.

I have no battery backup anywhere in the house. When I woke up; I
checked on my physical and virtual machine zoo; everything appeared as
normal (with the exception of one -current laptop with a weak battery,
which apparently had shut itself down - it didn't need an fsck upon
restart). So far so good, all machines showed approximately the same
boot time.

With one exception. My super duper DNS server (local unbound)
Raspberry PI - original model B - server running

  $ uname -a
NetBSD eee 8.99.2 NetBSD 8.99.2 (RPI) #0: Sun Sep 17 00:08:51 UTC 2017


 $ uptime
10:08AM  up 318 days, 7 mins, 4 users, load averages: 0.00, 0.02, 0.00

and I was able to ssh to it and restore my tmux session as if nothing
has happened. To the same power multiblock I have connected - another
Raspbery PI - Zero, running 9.99.17 - which was restarted at the time;
the Virgin Media router also shows the same boot time.

As I mentioned above, no battery backup; other than some super
capacitor in the power supply, I have no explanation and I haven't
heard of such cheap  power supplies; I think it still uses the
original power supply I bought with all those years ago.

Here you are.


(*) or Christmas/Boxing day miracle, whatever you prefer.

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