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Re: kaybe lake panic

In article <20191219153115.GF1685@quartz>,
Patrick Welche  <> wrote:
>Just tried NetBSD on a lapto that has what I think is a Kaybe lake
>intel chip, and (no serial console - just copied off the screen):
>(x/s panicstr doesn't show me much)
>ps shows 2 x configroot, 2 x idle.
>What does one look for in show locks?
>Lock 0 initialized at drm_dev_alloc, sleep/adaptive, no active turnstile
>Lock 0 initialized at main, spin, holds 0 excl 1, wants 0 excl 1
>       curcpu holds 1 wanted by 000000000000000
>Lock 1 initialized at logical_ring_init, spin, holds 0 excl 1, wants 0 excl 0
>       wait/spin 0/1

does "show panic" work?


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