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Re: Request for testing: i915 + suspend, or i915 heavy use

На 2019-12-12 в 19:42, написа:
> hi folks,
> I applied an upstream security fix to i915. It's pretty big.
> It touches the suspend codepath, and I can't test that on my machine.
> Additionally I am looking for confirmation that i915 is fine in the last
> week. My testing wasn't very intensive. 


NetBSD tarkus 9.99.23 NetBSD 9.99.23 (GENERIC) #0: Fri Dec 13 13:54:46
GMT 2019 


nouveau0 at pci1 dev 0 function 0: NVIDIA product 139a (rev. 0xa2)
i915drmkms0 at pci0 dev 2 function 0: Intel HD Graphics 530 (GT2) (rev.

The Intel I915 appears to be working just fine for me; the NVidia is not
functional under NetBSD yet. I am running at the moment the latest
available kf5, glmark2 returns 2000, kinda reasonable on this hardware,
there are no ill effects (with the minor exception when I start kdm, I
get a fe snowflakes around the username field).

So it is at least as good as before.

> Any -current later than Dec 6 2019.
> Thanks.


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