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Testbed breakage

Hi all,

For the last few days, most of the testbeds have been seeing the
system under test either hang or panic before the ATF tests have run
to completion.  The failures are too many and varied to file a PR
about each, but for a start, you can look for "tests: did not
complete" in the following:

For sparc, there is PR 54734.  Both qemu and gxemul based testbeds are
failing, but my i386 and amd64 testbeds running on real hardware are
not (other than the latest amd64 test run showing 1336 new test
failures, which looks like an unrelated bug).  That the failing hosts
are uniprocessors and the working ones are multiprocessors may or may
not be a coincidence.

Please help find and fix the offending commit(s); until that is done,
there can be very little automated testing of new commits.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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