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Re: FAO i386 / amd64 port users

On 04/12/2019 22:20, Sevan Janiyan wrote:
> Hello,
> I've set the boot loader to load the pciverbose module by default via
> boot.cfg, this will result in a slightly different dmesg output (more
> info about devices), if you don't like this change or would prefer to
> spare resources, edit /boot.cfg and remove the 'load pciverbose;'
> statement. To build a release without it enabled, edit
> src/etc/etc.{amd64,i386}/boot.cfg.

Nevermind, pciverbose option has been enabled in the amd64 & i386
GENERIC kernel configs instead.

If you're importing these configs into your own and wish to ommit it, add
no options PCIVERBOSE
or just comment the 'options PCIVERBOSE' line out in the GENERIC kernel
config file.


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