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Automated report: NetBSD-current/i386 build failure

This is an automatically generated notice of a NetBSD-current/i386
build failure.

The failure occurred on, a NetBSD/amd64 host,
using sources from CVS date 2019.

An extract from the output follows:

    The prerequisites of `all' are being made.
    Live child 0x763089b2a160 (libcpp.a) PID 26562 
    Reaping winning child 0x763089b2a160 PID 26562 
    ar cru libcpp.a charset.o directives.o directives-only.o errors.o expr.o files.o identifiers.o init.o lex.o line-map.o macro.o mkdeps.o pch.o symtab.o traditional.o
    Live child 0x763089b2a160 (libcpp.a) PID 4128 
    Reaping winning child 0x763089b2a160 PID 4128 
    ranlib libcpp.a
    Live child 0x763089b2a160 (libcpp.a) PID 1168 
    Reaping winning child 0x763089b2a160 PID 1168 
    Removing child 0x763089b2a160 PID 1168 from chain.
    Considering target file `all'.
     File `all' does not exist.
      Considering target file `libcpp.a'.
      File `libcpp.a' was considered already.
     Finished prerequisites of target file `all'.
    Must remake target `all'.
    Successfully remade target file `all'.
    nbgmake[10]: Leaving directory `/tmp/bracket/build/2019.'
    A failure has been detected in another branch of the parallel make
    nbmake[9]: stopped in /tmp/bracket/build/2019.
    *** [dependall-host-libcpp] Error code 2
    nbmake[8]: stopped in /tmp/bracket/build/2019.
    1 error

The following commits were made between the last successful build and
the failed build:

    2019. maxv src/sys/arch/x86/include/specialreg.h,v 1.157
    2019. maxv src/sys/arch/x86/x86/spectre.c,v 1.31
    2019. martin src/usr.sbin/sysinst/util.c,v 1.36
    2019. kamil src/tests/lib/libc/sys/t_ptrace_wait.c,v 1.141
    2019. kamil src/tests/lib/libc/sys/t_ptrace_wait.h,v 1.18
    2019. kre src/tests/usr.bin/printf/,v 1.5
    2019. christos src/external/bsd/tmux/dist/cmd-resize-window.c,v 1.1
    2019. christos src/external/bsd/tmux/dist/format-draw.c,v 1.1
    2019. maya src/sys/dev/pci/if_vte.c,v 1.28

Log files can be found at:

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