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scp protocol error on multiple file copy?

Usually, I use the "net" amd map to make my build hosts' RELEASE
directory available to machines for in-place updates.

One machine can't use this due to network load, but in the past, I
used a command line like:

  $ scp -p buildhost:"/path/to/sets/[bem]* /path/to/sets/text.tgz /path/to/kernel/netbsd-CUSTOM.gz" .

to copy relevant sets and kernel to the machine's local disk.

Today when I tried my usual procedure to update this host, I instead got:

  protocol error: filename does not match request

Has something about multiple source files via scp changed?

I seem to recall that OpenSSH was updated recently with pull-ups to
netbsd-9.  Possible bug?

The build host was running up-to-date netbsd-9/amd64.  The machine being
updated was running netbsd-9/i386 from 16 October.

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