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Re: current kernel crashes while building userland

In article <>,
Riccardo Mottola  <> wrote:
>Hi Michael,
>Michael van Elst wrote:
>> You should be able to analyse the files with the crash(8) tool
>> and report the panic message and backtrace.
>System panicked: trap
>Backtrace from time of crash is available.
>crash> bt
>?() at ffffc68067793ea0
>vpanic() at vpanic+0x161
>panic() at panic+0x3c
>trap() at trap+0xb55
>--- trap (number 6) ---
>compat_90_sys_fstatvfs1() at compat_90_sys_fstatvfs1
>maybe Robert is right and I have unlucky version of the ATA driver?

Is the compat code a module?


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