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Re: Tar extract behaviour changed

    Date:        Wed, 23 Oct 2019 23:30:47 +0200
    From:        Joerg Sonnenberger <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | (1) Abuse of symlinks to shuffle the tree somewhere else. IMO whoever
  | wants to do that should be using null mounts and deal with it
  | appropiately in sysinst or whatever on their own.

With that attitude we may as well simply delete symlink support from
NetBSD and use only null mounts everywhere.   That's not workable at all.

However much cleaner it might be (quite aside from null mounts not being
operational until the system has proceeded far enough into the boot
sequence for the mount commands to have been run, which means not at all
in single user mode) having perhaps dozens of null mounts, perhaps even
more than that (with mounts on mounts, etc) is not a practical solution.

  | For that one [rc.d chroot movements], there are a couple of options:
  | (a) Move the directories under /etc from base.tgz to etc.tgz.

So updates to the files in them don't happen during an upgrade, or
don't necessarily happen.

  | (b) Don't use symlinks, but null mounts. Possibly even ro-mounts.
  |     Fix up existing setups in the rc.d scripts.

This is a case where that could work, and perhaps is a better methpd
in any case.


ps: if the end solution is to simply use -P in sysinst during extraction,
then we really also need to be generating signed sets, and have sysinst
verify the dignatures before extracting.

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