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Converting termcap entries to terminfo entries

	hello.  I'm in the process of building NetBSD-9.0 systems in an effort
to consider upgrading from my fleet of NetBSD-5.2 systems to NetBSD-9.  As
a long time window(1) user, I have a termcap entry for the window terminal
type that I use on systems that I ssh into from window(1) panes.  It is my
practice to put a termcap and a terminfo database in my home directory on
such systems, so that regardless of whether a program at the far end wants
termcap or terminfo, it will be able to draw on the screen in full screen
mode.  what I need is a way of converting the termcap entries I have into a
terminfo source file that tic(1) can compile into a .cdb file which can be
used on NetBSD-9 systems.  I have  an older version of captoinfo(1) from
the ncurses pkg, but it produces binary terminfo output unsuitable for the
tic(1) program.  I'm fuly aware that window(1) has been deprecated in favor
of tmux(1), but I haven't climbed the learning curve of tmux(1) yet and I'm
not sure it does everything I get from the window(1) program.
	So, can someone tell me what program I should use to convert termcap
files into terminfo source files suitable for the new terminfo libraries in
NetBSD-8 and 9?

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