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Re: Can I use pkg_src to upgrade to current?

On Wed, Oct 09, 2019 at 06:18:16PM -0400, nottobay wrote:
> I'm new to BSD in general and coming from Linux. I tried pulling the
> binaries using the installer and it isn't working for me. Can I use pkg src
> to upgrade in place from release to current or do I have to build
> everything?

One thing to note about netbsd vs. a typical linux distro, is that
there's a separation between the "base" system and the package system.

The base system in netbsd is not managed via packages, it's a set of
tarballs to unpack in /.

You can get -current binaries in

If you are on an amd64 system, fetch an updated kernel and modules at:

cp /netbsd /onetbsd for backup reasons
gunzip netbsd-GENERIC.gz; cp netbsd-GENERIC /netbsd
cd /; tar xJpf /path/to/modules.tar.xz

reboot, make sure the new kernel works.
Download the rest of the files in:

Unpack all of them in / ('tar xJpf') except etc.tar.xz. That one will
overwrite the passwords file.

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