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Re: Fnatic RUSH mechanical keyboard ignores keypress

On Sat, Oct 05, 2019 at 12:02:38AM +0300, Andrius V wrote:
> Hello,
> Recently (around a week ago) I faced an issue with my mechanical
> keyboard (Fnatic Gear Rush) that it doesn't react to any keypress
> anymore (in general I can't use it as a keyboard). Weirdly enough this
> issue is present in any NetBSD setup (tested netbsd-9, current and
> even older 8.1 setup which definitely worked before). It powers up, it
> is visible in dmesg, its USB hub works (mouse connected to it works
> without issues), Num/Caps Lock LED light reacts, if I click it on
> other attached keyboard, but pressing any button has no effect. Other
> non-mechanical "cheap" USB keyboards work without issues. Initially, I
> though it may be related to my recent UEFI update but it fails to work
> on other systems too. The original system is Ryzen 5 1600 based on
> Biostar x370gt5 motherboard. The keyboard itself is definitely fine
> and perfectly works on any other operating system I have (Manjaro,
> Windows 10), including UEFI/BIOS interface. Any ideas what may be
> causing this weird behavior? Thank you.
> from dmesg:
> uhidev0: Fnatic Gear (0x195d) RUSH Mechanical Keyboard (0x2029), rev
> 2.00/1.09, addr 8, iclass 3/1

What version of NetBSD?

More dmesg context would be useful too.

	Jonathan Kollasch

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