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Build issues (amd64)


I seem to be having some build issues happening.  My pertinent environment/variables are as follows:

MACHINE_ARCH=<(not set)>

MACHINE_ARCH is not set because things seem to go horribly wrong when it is set to x86_64, even though that appears to be the default MACHINE_ARCH for MACHINE=amd64.

My command line (general) is as such:

./ -m amd64 -D /usr/src/build/arch/amd64/build/ -O /usr/src/build/arch/amd64/obj -R /usr/src/build/arch/amd64/release/ -T /usr/src/tools/tools-amd64 -j12 {target}

Doesn't matter what my target is -- that command line works just fine; UNLESS:

If I add '-u' to that command line, I get failures.  Isn't -u supposed to skip cleandir and the tools rebuild?  The tools rebuild fails if the tools already exist.  (This bug has been present for quite some time.)

If I add '-x' (to build X11), I get failures before the toolchain finishes building.  Why there?  Does the toolchain contain any weird X11 dependencies?

So right now, I can't do a build-by-stages (tools, build, distribution, release).  I can only pick one target and build to that, as each build seems to require a total wipeout and restart.

My /etc/mk.conf:

Build Logs:
"build release", success:
"build release with -x", failure:

"build tools", success:
"build tools with -x", failure:

I do in fact have the X sources at /usr/xsrc, updated yesterday (and nothing new seems to have come in).

There is so much going on that it is hard for me to find "where's the spark that's blowing up the bomb"?
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