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Re: [HEADS UP] mulitboot 2 support for x86 bootloaders

On 13.09.2019 04:29, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
> I committed multiboot 2 support for x86 bootloaders. This enable booting
> Xen from a EFI system.
> That this also require a kernel change, otherwise the NetBSD dom0
> crashes at startup because it fails to detect ACPI.
> src/sys/arch/x86/acpi/acpi_machdep.c 1.26-1.28
> For now, the bootloader prefer multiboot 2 over multiboot 1 if the
> kernel has both capacities. It we discover issues there, we could add a
> way to specify multiboot 1 preference in boot.cfg.

Great work! Thank you.

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