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Re: Legacy ZFS mounts

On Sat, Sep 07, 2019 at 06:37:31AM -0400, Brad Spencer wrote:
> writes:
> > when asking for reviews on diffs, please consider having them in an easy
> > to view format, rather than tar files.
> >
> > Having a 'zfs' script to load a module sounds wrong. We have module
> > autoloading for this purpose.
> Thanks for the comments...
> Ya, there are two purposes to the variable, one to make sure that the
> module loads early and the second for determining the desire to mount
> ZFS data sets in the mostly normal manor.  If you have a corrupt ZFS
> cache, for example, you may want to not do the second one.
> The module has to load before zvols will show up and if that is ALL you
> were doing, I don't think anything else will prompt the loading of the
> module.  That is, your /dev/zvol/* tree would not be there unless you
> execute the zfs (and probably the zpool) command prior to trying to use
> your devices (I think that it is the opening and use of /dev/zfs that
> does prompt the module load, but that isn't needed for pure zvol
> access).

Would it make sense to make mount_zfs do that?

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