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Fw: (Not so) New Install


So I have been running on a new install (8.99?) since a few weeks now.

I tried UEFI first (because I am not sure what it is about) and that would stall on start-up.
I have a T510.  I forgot the error message sorry.
Anyways the other version works great.

I figured I would start a new thread with the problems [1] [2] I had before as well as the new ones:
(Feels like it belongs in netbsd-current more than netbsd-users where they were before.)

 o CVS: I am still getting the `broken pipe' error when trying to sync from the main server.
   I will try commenting out locally the key that comes with the install,

 o Attaching GDB to a process:

    - Effectively I am not seeing the problem of seeing a thread twice anymore.
      So that's a big plus! (That was the leading reason for the update.)

    - the GDB front-end of XEmacs is now slightly broken and showing what seems to be 
      control characters where the colors of the debug text should change
      (For instance: "(gdb) bt
#0  0x00007f32d444295a in read () from /usr/lib/")
      That's really not a big deal though.  I suppose I should be using plain GDB.
      Even better it forced me into giving another shot at the real Emacs (as
      opposed to XEmacs) and I have to say it's quite the killer with all those frames.

    - A few packages did not compile/install out of the box for me.
      I kept the log (with the errors) I can open individual PRs and/or start looking on my side.

      From memory among them were:

        . MLDonkey
        . Firefox

As always, thank you for all the softwares!

Kind regards,




Germain Le Chapelain <>
Software Engineer

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