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[HEADS UP] GPT and RAIDframe aware x86 bootloaders


I just committed the code to add GPT and RAIDframe support to x86

Both BIOS and EFI bootstraps can now use devices with the NAME=gpt_label
and raidNx syntaxes. Here are exemples:
boot NAME=root:/netbsd
boot raid0e:/netbsd

This is available in all commands (boot, multiboot, dev, ls...) and in
boot.cfg as well. This brings two major benefits:
- it is now possible to write boot.cfg files with disk names that do not
change when disks are added/removed
- we can now boot from RAID 1 that contain a GPT table.

I tested different partitionning schemes, both with BIOS and EFI
bootstraps, but as always it is possible that I missed corner cases.
Please be careful when updating bootstraps after this change, and report
any problem you encouter.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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