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Re: NetBSD on a wireless router? writes:

> I want to replace a wifi router with a NetBSD solution.
> The posting at
> links to a spreadsheet of hardward, but I don't know from that yet what 
> has wireless and how well supported.
> Ideas include Microtik Routerboard, OpenBlocks,  LinkIt Smart 7688, 
> Orange Pi.

You say "wireless router", but the concepts of "router" (internet and
LAN interfaces, does firewalling/NAT/dhcp and maybe dns) and "access
point" (does bridging from etherent to wifi) can be separated.  So, you
might also consider NetBSD on hardware with multiple ethernets, and
separate access hardware in bridge mode.

I will second the recommendation for the apu2, and in particular the
apu2d4 runs NetBDS-8/amd64 very well.  It has USB3 and an mSATA slot;
the performance of a mSATA card in an external Sabrent USB case is
excellent (215 MB/s read rate, which is plenty fast enough).

It has slots you could put in a wifi card that does host ap.  But you
can also connect an ethernet port to a Ubiquiti access point, or
something else.  For the most part, that just forwards ethernet frames,
so it is much less important to be able to control the details.

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