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Re: crashes in amd64 8.99.51/9.99.2 with panic: pr_find_pagehead: [npfcn4pl]

Geoff Wing <> writes:

> 8.99.51 crash:
> panic: pr_find_pagehead: [npfcn4pl] item 0xffff98a0b89491b8 poolid 182 != 181

I'm seeing these on amd64 and aarch64, both current at the time that the
release branch for version 9 was created.  The crashes seem to happen
when there's quite a bit of disk activity: both systems crash during the
nightly jobs cron run, and a surefire way to provoke a crash is to
install a new version of the system, by running 'tar xzpf' on each of
the set files in turn.  (I've tried, several times, to get a complete
distribution from the above mentioned point in time successfully
installed on these, but still don't have all the X stuff completed.)

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