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Re: 'postinstall' vs local configuration: how to preserve automatically?

On Fri, 2 Aug 2019, Robert Swindells wrote:

> >  /var/chroot/spamd

> If you have local changes to your source tree then the files under
> src/distrib/sets/lists need to match that.
> If the two files that are being removed are from outside your NetBSD
> source tree then it might be worth renaming them so that they don't
> match actual obsolete files.

I only ever install "mail/spamd" from pkgsrc.  I have no local changes
to my source trees regarding "spamd".  I didn't know it was ever created
as part of the system build at some time in the past.

The "fontconfig"-related files/links ARE part of the base system build.
Since base (xbase?) fontconfig is considered new enough to be used by
packages in recent pkgsrc branches, I need to set the symbolic link for
"../conf.avail/70-no-bitmaps.conf" in "/etc/fonts/conf.d" in order to
print legible hardcopy of some web pages.

At some time during the 8.99.* period, this link began to be declared
obsolete and removed if "fix"ed.  Not too long ago, it started tripping
up the "fontconfig" check, ISTR it threw up an "unknown file" complaint.

(On netbsd-8, the 'postinstall' checks ignore the extra symlink.  However
on netbsd-8, pkgsrc fontconfig is used and I can set its symbolic link
for "../conf.avail/70-no-bitmaps.conf" appropriately without issue--even
when updating pkgsrc fontconfig.)

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