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Re: 'postinstall' vs local configuration: how to preserve automatically?

"John D. Baker" <> writes:

> Recent-ish updates to 'postinstall' now cause more grief with local
> configuration than before.
> Specifially, in the past the "obsolete" check would declare
>   /var/chroot/spamd
> obsolete and remove it if re-run with the "fix obsolete" command.  This
> is normally only a problem the first time a system is updated as long
> as you remember to re-create "/var/chroot/spamd" afterwards.  On subsequent
> updates, that's usually the only "obsolete" item and can be ignored.
> If not, it's easy to remove the other obsolete items manually.

That really seems like a bug in postinstall or the set lists.  As far as
I know NetBSD has never installed /var/chroot/spamd, and thus there is
no sensible way that it can be considered obsolete.  I thought obsolete
meant a file that was known to have been installed by former NetBSD
verisons and is not installed in this release.

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