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Re: How do I deal with this file?

    Date:        Tue, 30 Jul 2019 14:46:45 +0100
    From:        Chavdar Ivanov <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | So the usual /bin/tar has been replaced with bsdtar, which apparently
  | is aware of the extended flags. The same from yesterdays' -current on
  | releng shows the usual /bin/tar.
  | I have no idea how this has happened, I certainly haven't done
  | it deliberately.

Check your mk.conf and whatever you use to generate builds.
If anything has MKBSDTAR=yes that would explain it.   The default
(and so what the releng builds use), is MKBSDTAR=no .

  | So it is both the TeXmacs distribution contains these extended flags
  | of a single file *and* I have got bsdtar in place of the usual one.

Yes.   The more interesting there is why a file with "troll" in its
name is having the immutable flag set...


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