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Re: increasing number of USB devices

Greg Troxel wrote:
> I ran usbdevs on a normal adm64 desktop (Dell, about 5 years old).  It
> has a 2-port USB3 card, and a USB cable to a monitor (USB hub), and
> plugged into that an old thinkpad keyboard (hub, keyboard, trackpad).
> usbdevs didn't show all the devices, and it turns out I have 10 usb root
> devices (two of which are uhci/ehci quads), and now 12 hubs.  MAKEDEV of
> devices for more hubs resolved this.
> My situation doesn't feel odd these days, so I wonder what people think
> of the following, realizing it will avoid mysterious bugs on big systems
> and waste inodes on vaxes.

As the owner of both a system with more than 10 usb root devices and
a VAX, I support this change.

The system with more than 10 usb root devices is a PC with multiple
USB controller cards installed for the purpose of testing NetBSD USB
device drivers against different host controllers (UHCI/OHCI/EHCI/XHCI),
so I run into the limit every time I install a new NetBSD version to test.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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